“In the world of cookery we are never going to please everyone (…). The most important thing is to know how to filter valuable information from the critics, following and adjusting our recipes and our way of being.”

Chef Luca

Chef Luca Bordino

Our stunning food maestro

Blessed be the cuisine of Chef Luca Bordino, where attitude, technique and passion combine in an explosive cocktail that beckons us to taste and taste again, countless times.

Luca Bordino is eternally fascinated by the vibration, energy, the scents, flavours and colours of the kitchen, and his interest in gastronomy and cuisine is something that continues to grow, “it is incredible how it is an area of knowledge that is just so unlimited” he says. At just 29 and with Italian and French roots, this chef has a truly Portuguese heart and a great passion for the sea. For Luca, the adventure and challenge are part of the beauty of life which is why he accepted the challenge of Maxime Restaurant-Bar. Here he has designed a daring menu in which, under the theme of the show and cabaret, his dishes are the stars, side-by-side with the leading ladies who perform on stage. The combination is perfect and awakens the five senses.

The main stars.

You just can’t get enough.


Marinated white fish with bull’s milk cocktail mix, beetroot, sour cream and red onion preserve.


Bacalhau à Brás (salted codfish with potatoes) – laminated codfish, shoestring potato, caramelised onion, codfish foam, cold egg and black and green olives.


Italian meringue, cherry liqueur mousse, passion fruit, chocolate and strawberry sponge


Duck pie with foie gras and mushrooms, truffle cream potatoes and salad with champagne vinaigrette.


Prawns with Martini, hot chilli pepper, garlic, lime and coriander.


Slow cooked pork cheek, bundle of goat cheese and walnuts, vegetables and pork jus.