Taste me, bite me and have fun

An artistic and culinary experience to be lived in the Maxime Restaurante-Bar

Stage of culinary and show talents, in this restaurant in Lisbon, sensuality highlights bohemian Lisbon of past times and combines them with the irreverence of today. It is here, in the Maxime Restaurante-Bar in the centre of Lisbon, between the velvets, the sparkles and stage lights, and before my lips that whisper to you with each furtive look, that we present to you delicious dainties, while your attention is deliciously stolen by the artists who give soul and life to the stage.

The restaurant

The show is about to begin

From day to night, we make a bow to the old-time chorus girls with a nod to the classics of Portuguese cuisine and strip away prejudices through new approaches like an artist embodies his character. We wrap ourselves in the sweetness of first love, but in just one drag we recognise the sting of a raw passion.From a waking slumber to the restlessness of the night we are driven by a tender and feverish shimmy of hips which is felt with each forkful. If life is just a cabaret, then drop by.

Breakfast: 08:00 to 11:00

MESSAGE: We inform our customers that Maxime Restaurante
is temporarily closed.

The bar

Cheers darling

To the sound of intoxicating music, beneath the soft touch of velvet, this bar in Lisbon is the stage for unexpected meetings and alluring performances. Behind the eternal Maxime bar counter, the reflection of the mirrors reveals the bartender’s perfect movements, a master… It is he who transforms the night in the form of liquid joy. And he, a true confidant, who, through an interplay of lights, glass and iron, shows us what he knows better than anyone and impels us to try each of the cocktails which are, after all, authentic elixirs of euphoria.

Bar: 03:00pm to 10:00pm

Boudoir Garden-Bar

Let’s fall in love

On the patio we dive into a romantic and mysterious environment marked by details that surround us and awaken us to burlesque fantasies.It is on this outdoor patio in the centre of Lisbon that we discover a refuge from the hustle and bustle of Lisbon, where you can recharge your batteries until the next show.